Semi-Vintage Effect in Photoshop

This is the original photo.

Original Photo Taken from Flickr.

It is taken from Richardefreeman. You can download the picture from here and it’s licensed under Creative commons; so you can edit it as long as you give the author credit.

Ok, let’s start. This is a very simple effect actually. We start by duplicating the layer (Ctrl + J).


Then, create two blank layers.


Fill each layer with these colors: Brown (#5c2e18) and DarkBlue (#1f4c76) using Paint Bucket Tool (G)


Then, choose Lighten for blending mode for both layers.


Adjust the opacity for the layer accordingly; in this case, I set the opacity to 40% for both layers. Now, select the duplicated Layer from beginning and sharpen the image by using High Pass ( Filter > Other > High Pass ) Set the Radius to 2.


Choose “Overlay” for the blending mode and adjust the opacity.


Voila! You are done! Here is the final result.


Final Result

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