Rolling Sushi Commercially

Sushi by Tony Gladvin George

Sushi by Tony Gladvin George

I didn’t take this photo. It’s an artwork of Tony Gladvin George ( Please check his works ). I didn’t take a single photo of my sushi because the idea of taking photos of sushis didn’t even cross my mind; you will know what I mean. But, this picture is pretty close to what we were doing.

It’s been awhile I haven’t updated any news up here because my time is devoured by sushi. Yes, sushi. So, I was helping my mother with rolling sushi at her franchise, and alas! it wasn’t an easy job ( at least for me ). Now, I did’t even want to look at sushi. =S Then, I also learned a couple of things from this.

Before we begin,

These are all my opinions; so, it might not apply to other sushi sellers.

Why is sushi expensive?

Rolling sushi consists of several tiny tedious works; it’s not labor-intense yet so much time and care have to be taken for preparation. Then, sushi only lasts for one day; unbought sushi ends up in the trash bin the next morning. The fish has to be fresh and the chef has to know how to handle the fish so that they are fresh at the right temperature and consumer won’t catch unwanted illness. Then, fish are freaking expensive! If the fish is not done right, well the entire fish has to be thrown away. So, freshness and cleanliness is very important.

Wake up early!

I mean you need to wake up at four in the morning and roll as much as you can to serve the consumer with fresh sushi. Go to bed at 8 pm? Well, this is just brutal for a college student who just barely survived his first year.

It’s worth it if you…

After all, it’s worth it because  you make a good amount of money. That’s it! Then, it’s not that labor-intense and you don’t need degrees for that luckily. Anyhow, this won’t be a good long term business unless you can sacrifice your social life.

One more thing!

Some customers turn the sushi box upside down to look what’s inside; I don’t know what they are looking for, the label contains all of the information and if you happen to buy a sushi, please don’t turn the box over because it means a loss for the seller unless you buy it.

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