These are some of the projects that I have done, and please feel free to use any resources if you may find them useful. Click the thumbnail for image and the title for the link.


About 1 million people speak Lisu language, and I am one of them. The script for Lisu was created by James O. Fraser a century ago, and it's called Fraser Script. Even though Unicode standard consists of Lisu characters, there is no way of communicating in modern days because the keyboard support for the language has been lacking in both mobile and personal computers. There were several attempts to change the scripts because of the above reason, but the efforts were in vain. My goal for this project is to initiate the implementation of Lisu keyboard in modern computers allowing millions of Lisu-speaking people to communicate over the internet as well as helping preserve the language through technology.

passcode : lisuDEMO

SASE CSM chapter (Postponed)

In this one, I will be using Meteor for content management. Currently, it is in wireframe stage. But, I am really excited about this since I will be experimenting with flat design by following a course from Udemy : Yea! Everyday is a learning opportunity!

Eventboard (Current Project)

I am working with awesome people on this project. This project uses Meteor and phonegap. Currently, we haven't gone far. This project will be open source, and your help is greatly welcomed. There will be a lot of changes, but you can view it on github :

Promise Blog Theme

I forgot that this is sitting in my project folder. I created this last year summer. I played around with HTML5 audio player and CSS's awesome transparency tricks. I will post the glass effect that I used in the theme.

Mines Radio Website

I am currently designing the webpage for Mines' radio group. I will be using Foundation and JQuery for css and animations.

Mikkelson Foundation Website

This is one of my projects for my first semester at College; and it's up and running. Check out the scholarship website if you are a graduating senior from Colorado going into science and technology field.

2048 game

This is my final project for C++ class and i used borland graphics library( This is the only graphic library that I am allowed to use ).

Fundraising Meter Project Website

My current project for Engineering Without Border. This project is intended for live fund raising event; try out some of the functionalities.

Poster Design for One of the friends

A poster designed for a floormate

Poster for one of the Floormates

This is also one of the posters for my floormate

ui prototype assistive technology

This is one of the software UI prototype for a side project that I have done in senior year. Of course, with limited experience in programming, I couldn't bring this out sadly. =S

Central Template

Aurora Central High School Website project.

Life Span Development

I did this in high school for my Psychology class. It's not required but I still did it just to get experience in JQuery and WebDesign

The Way to Healthy Life

This website project lectures how to read food labels and live a healthy life.

Green Theme Mikkelson Foundation Prototype

One of the prototype for mikkelson foundation website. I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Orange Theme Mikkelson Foundation Prototype

Another mikkelson foundation prototype.

Colorful Mikkelson Foundation Prototype

One of the mikkelson foundation website prototypes