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You might have noticed  the improved pageload speed on my Blog recently. I have upgraded my web server from Dreamhost to Digital Ocean’s cloud server. Alright, Dreamhost is a great web hosting company and they have a great customer service; their Live Chat is 24/7. Why did I move from Dreamhost? Well, it’s time to evolve and learn new things. I had never used Virtual Private Servers(VPS) before because it cost more than what I could afford.  As SSD becomes cheaper, company begins to utilize the opportunity to enhance their services in performance as well as attract new customers by altering the prices. Digital Ocean is one of the companies and it beats the other hosting with its price $5 per month or $0.007 per hour while maintaining the promised performance. I actually got a promotion for one year hosting at Dreamhost for almost free, but I despised the idea of shared hosting on one machine with other individuals.

Here is why I like VPS more.

Virtual Private Servers come with limited RAM, Core amounts, disk space, and bandwidth transfers. Then, you are guaranteed to get these resources whereas the shared hosting can’t guaranteed some of these. I had Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Storage on Dreamhost; but, what’s the point of it when your page loads slow? I am using wordpress for my blog and the page load time is inconsistent because someone else might be running memory intensive rendering on the shared server which slows down the other website load times. Another big difference is that VPS comes in bare hand, so you have to install os and servers where as Shared Hosting has already set up and even one click install options are available. So you don’t need to worry about isntalling servers, phpMyadmin, MySQL and all those techy stuffs. Since I am trying to learn new stuffs, I chose Digitalhost. Here is the reason why I like Digital from Blitz

Page Load test

Page Load test

So the test ran 410 hits per second. I don’t think my blog will get that much  hit at current state. Anyhow, with that much hit the response time is 159 ms. Currently, I have 512 MB memory for my subscription, and I can upgrade the RAM if needed. For now, I am gonna stick with 512 MB.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean

If you are thinking about getting a VPS, give DigitalOcean firs. You can use my referral link :: Yes, if you register on DigitalOcean using the referral link, I get some little credit for my blog. If you don’t want to use it please navigate to ; if you are lucky you might find some coupon from here  too( Note: be cautious of the ads; use the ones with 100% success ).

If you have already bought a VPS and want to setup a server please follow the below steps. (NOTE : I am using Ubuntu 12.04 os for server, so these will be based on Ubuntu 12.04)

  1. Initial Server Setup
  2. How To Install Linux, nginx, MySQL, PHP (LEMP) stack on Ubuntu 12.04
  3. How To Install phpMyAdmin on a LEMP server
  4. How To Install WordPress with nginx on Ubuntu 12.04 ( Optional : if you want to use WordPress )
  5. How To Add Swap on Ubuntu 12.04 ( Optional: This will create virtual memory and free up your limited RAM )

Your server should be up and running with a blazing speed.

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