Why do I blog?

It has been more than a year since I have posted last. A lot of things have happened in the past year, and now I am ready to get back on blogging. So, I did some self-analysis on why I had to blog again.

Did I lose motivation to blog?

  • Definitely yes, I lost the FYRRrrr. Things started to pile, and I became too chill. I even forgot what drove me to start a blog in the first place.

Why do I need to start blogging again?

  • Improved writing – English isn’t my first language, and the only way to get better at it is to read and write. I like to think, and writing allows me to express my thought concretely.
  • Self-discipline - Enforcing myself to blogging one or two articles per week will change my current habit which I am not very proud of.
  • Visibility – I want to share my passions and showcase how much fun I had with my personal projects. Who knows? Perhaps, some potential employers might see my works. ;)
  • Knowledge – Everyday is a learning opportunity, and life is a learning journey for me. I want to share the knowledge that I have gathered along the way and hear readers’ opinions on the subject.
  • Motivation - I want to motivate myself again and find the FYRRrrr that I lost. What I have learned is that when people around me don’t share the motivation for a common goal, my FYRRrrr starts to burn out slowly. I gave it out, but I hardly received it back. I want to be around people who are constantly pushing to make the world a better tomorrow with technology, and I hope blogging will keep me motivated before I am among those people.

The only thing who can change me is myself, and I hope to become a better person than yesterday.

If you are not interested in technical stuff, you may want to stop reading here or else, you might pick up a thing or two about blogging platforms.

Currently, I am in the process of switching blogging platforms from WordPress to Ghost. WordPress is great, and it’s too great that it’s quite an overkill for my purpose of blogging. I cannot keep up with the maintenance and site reliability; I have configured  nginx and php-fpm multiple times and they never function consistently. My friend is blogging using Ghost, and I am in love with its simplicity and low maintenance. It uses Node.js, and most of my projects run on Node.js. So, I can deploy multiple apps concurrently with Ghost on my vps.

If you are thinking about just blogging, try out Ghost!

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